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Buchaman abandons ‘wife and children’

Ever since he ceased being the Vice President of the Ghetto Republic/Firebase, things have not been working out well for Buchaman.
Although he tried to remain relevant by creating the Badman Camp, the fate of financial woes could not elude him. The latest we have now is that the struggling singer abandoned his wife and two children two years ago.
On Tuesday afternoon, a woman identified as Fatia Nassali walked into a studio in Mutungo-Biina with two boys aged five and three. This same studio is where Buchaman is said to put his head down at night.
When asked what she wanted, the woman said she has been trying to locate Buchaman for two years but he was nowhere to be seen. “Whenever I call him, he tells me not to bother him. He reached an extent of disowning the children saying they are not his,” Nassali claimed, adding that Buchaman had even stopped paying school fees for the children.
By press time, Buchaman had moved out of the studios and when he was called, he chose not to return but the woman also vowed not to leave until she saw the father of her children.

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