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Is SK Mbuga a literature lover


Self-proclaimed tycoon Suleiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga seems to be a lover of literature. A few days back, Mbuga posted an extract on social media from “The Twelfth Night” a play written by Shakespeare, and it caused mixed reactions from people.

“I can no any answer make, but thanks and thanks,” read the only bit he posted on his Facebook wall which he accompanied with his photo where he was donned in a kanzu and a stylish blue coat.

The original extract in Act III of Scene 3 in “The Twelfth  Night” reads; “ My kind Antonio, I can no other answer make but thanks, And thanks; and ever thanks; and oft good turns, are shuffled off with such un current pay”.

His post which was unexpected got a number of people sharing and reposting it as some scorned the tycoon of writing pidgin English which nobody can interpret.

“Can’t you invest in learning English as well, now what does that statement that you have posted mean,” posted Sam Nagasha.

Others gave props to Mbuga saying his post was a legit Shakespearian English version.

“People the quote is from one of Shake spear’s plays and it is very correct, those of you mocking Mbuga must have missed Literature lessons in secondary,” commented Brenda Tugume.

However, others were not content by the explanation as they responded that Shakespeare can’t make such a grammatical error.

“Does that mean you claim Shakespeare wrote that “mbogo”?? Don’t take us for fools. But anyway let bygones be bygones it’s a new day. We are Africans it’s OK if we do not understand the foreign language, Shakespeare was a crazy man period,” posted Leila Wamala.

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