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Bebe Cool releases Cranes song

We have to give it to Bebe Cool for his patriotism attitude. And this new venture is not even about him being the Cranes ambassador. Remember the song he did for Gaetano when he was in the Big Brother house? How about that Arsenal song? (okay that one is not too irrelevant here), but latest we have is that the Gagamel boss has recorded a song for the national team titled Lumba. The song is aimed at encouraging and showing solidarity for the Cranes during their time in Gabon for the African Cup of Nations.
“Will be releasing a Uganda Cranes Anthem titled ‘LUMBA’. In this one, I urge my team to push forward despite the hardships/criticism and not to worry even if we fall, as long as we can stand up again and again coz when Uganda stands, it stands TALL. Therefore Uganda Cranes lumba lumba lumba lumba lumba lumba lumba lumba lumba. We r champions,” Bebe posted on his Timeline. Now that’s the spirit. Tulumbe!

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