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The Mbugas to live separately for now


After their questionably lavish (we are not so sure they spent even Shs1b) wedding, information we scooped is that the newly-wed lovebirds – Jalia and SK (yes, Jalia is Vivienne’s official Moslem name now) are spending their honeymoon in Uganda, somewhere in one of the hotels off Entebbe Road.
But that is not the big story. Reliable information from a mole at the wedding told us that the two will not be living together. In simple terms, it will be a long distance relationship, where they will only be meeting once every three months. The reason behind this arrangement is that while Mbuga has to stay back to oversee his business, especially his NU-SHIFAH Hospital construction, Jalia has to return and take care of her 10-year-old son who lives and studies in Sweden. The boy is Jalia’s son from a previous relationship.
The couple has a four-month old daughter together and we are now wondering how he will manage to keep up his fatherly duties so that his daughter does not end up calling him uncle or something. But well, if you can claim to spend Shs3b on a wedding, we guess travelling to Sweden every weekend is like a boda boda ride!

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