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A gospel gem born at Gagamel


BROWN SAN: He is Singer Bebe Cool’s cousin and although he took the gospel path after a short stint at Gagamel, Brown San owes so much of his success to Bebe Cool, whom he says laid a foundation for his career and inspired him a lot.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Stephen Kwagala aka Brown San. I am a gospel artiste born and raised in Kansanga by Joyce Ayisat.

Why gospel music?
I do gospel music because it is the only option and only way of life because through gospel music, lives are saved and their souls are redeemed from death since music is a very vital means of communication.

Who inspired you to join this industry?
In Uganda, I was inspired by Bebe Cool who also happens to be my cousin. I did not know any Ugandan gospel artiste when I joined the industry, so it was him that I looked up to until I gave my life to Jesus Christ from Miracle Centre of Pastor Robert Kayanja in 2006.

How did you join Miracle Centre Church?
I joined miracle teens as a dancer. A year later, I started my personal recordings as an independent artiste.

Has Bebe Cool helped you in any way concerning your musical career?
I respect Bebe Cool a lot because he has been very inspirational in my life and I started singing because of him. I grew up admiring him and he has advised me on so many issues concerning music and life generally. Bebe Cool has connected me to so many media people who are his friends such as Omulangira Ndausi, who promotes my music on Radio Simba and so many others. Through his words of wisdom, I am now an independent artiste who God is using to change destinies of vulnerable children.

But Bebe does a completely different genre from what you are doing. Has he ever talked you into doing his style?
Of course, but only because he loved me so much. He convinced me to join his Gagamel entertainment company so that he could promote me and I joined, but God had a different destiny for me. Now I sing gospel reggae and ragga dancehall but in gospel. I know he is proud of me because he was so happy when he saw my video at number three on MTV Base count down East Africa in 2007. I am the first Ugandan gospel artiste to ever breakthrough on MTV Base.

How many songs do you have so far?
I have 30 songs, most of them reggae and dancehall.

Most people join the music industry for the money, what are you in for?
Money is just paper made out of a certain type of tree so I cannot be ruled by money although we need it. But above money lies God who is the source of everything. I use my music as a voice for the voiceless, such as vulnerable children, elderly people and the rural poor youth. I want my music to be a tool for changing people’s lives positively by bringing hope in places where hope has been lost. For example in 2014, we reached out to children in South Sudan who were orphaned after the war there.
Next year, I will be working on a project in Botswana under Youth of Save Haven organisations, which will be speared headed by Boyson Mokone, a hip hop artiste supported by alpha Botswana. We will also do a song together with Him early next year from Botswana and the campaign is called “I know I can’’.

You have organised free events in the last couple of years. Where do you get the money to organise these shows?
God provides me with the money, wisdom and power to be wealthy. I am the founder and president of Financial Freedom Investments Ltd, a company dealing in capital markets such as stock exchange, forex, trading real estates and minerals.
We also deal in crypto currencies such as one coin and bitcoin. I am also a website and graphics designer. This also helps me generate some income to support my music and the children I help.

Is that all you do?
I am also a motivational speaker, I love talking to youth and mentoring them. I am also a preacher and next year I am doing more of music evangelism in schools, universities and institutions.

What does the future hold for you in music?
My future in music is too bright and next year I will perform in Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana as well as the USA in September by his grace.

Any message for your fans?
It is good to discover yourself and know who you are, your purpose on earth and accept it in your heart other than pretending to be who you are not.

Tit bits on Brown San…
Attended Molly and Paul Primary School, New Lwoga Memorial Primary School, Namulonge SS for Senior One, Nabitalo SS for Senior Two, Merryland High School, Entebbe from Senior 3-4, Molly and Paul High School for A-Level, then Makerere University for web designing and media graphics. He iscurrently enrolled at Agape Bible College for a degree in theology.

Brow San joined the music industry because he wanted to make a difference in his life and that of suffering children in Uganda and Africa at large. He was inspired by the so many hardships he went through growing up. “I was raised by a single mother who I love so much for the great sacrifices she made to see that I became somebody of value”.

My songs carry a message of forgiveness, love, unity and helping the needy as it is a command from God, according to Luke 12.33.

I sing in churches, schools, universities, and once in a while in clubs when God directs me. I also sometimes sing with Gagamel band.

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