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The truth behind Fille and MC Kats brawl


Last Saturday Mc Kats was allegedly beaten by his fiancée Fille. Yes, ‘beaten and rolled over’ but the question on people’s minds is how that happened and why Kats couldn’t fight back.

Could it be because he’s a gentleman who can never lay a hand on a woman, was he drunk that he couldn’t fight back or could he be a weak guy that any woman can mess around with?

Well, we have done our investigations since Kats was beaten up and found out how it all started.


According to an eye witness, Kats went to Club Play in industrial area to have a good time but shortly after his arrival, Fille also entered with a couple of guys believed to be Europeans to promote her new song with Nutty Neithan titled ‘What did you do’.

When Kats saw her fiancée in that company, he decided to hide in one of the corners in the club.

Kats was eager to know what they were up to, thus jealousy got the best of him. He grabbed the microphone and started emceeing while attacking Fille and her friends.

He did this for some minutes until the artiste and her guests decided to vacate the nightspot but that was not it, as the former NTV presenter decided to follow them.


Kats then started questioning Fille about her relationship with the guys. He also sought to get keys of the car Fille was driving.

The witness further said that after noticing that Kats had started insulting Fille, her European friends first warned him before giving him a few blows.

They then decided to get into car and drive away but Kats stood in front of the car and dared them to knock him. It was in the process of dodging him that one of the side mirrors hit Kats, leaving him on the floor.  You now know how he sustained the bruises.


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