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DJ Slick-Stuart buys new car after the Mixtape party


This is evidence that the hundreds of people that filled up Laftaz Lounge in Centenary Park for The Mixtape party actually paid the entrance fee and weren’t given free tickets. DJs Roja and Slick-Stuart left the place in the wee hours of Sunday morning smiling, after making a sizable amount of money from the gate collections at the mixtape party.

This afternoon, one of the DJs, Slick Stuart got himself a new Toyota Altezza Gita model 2005, registration UAZ 828K. Stuart went straight to a Shell Petrol station garage after receiving his car to get it serviced. When we called the DJ to ask if he bought the car with the money they made at the Mixtape party, he said he had ordered the car two months ago. “It was just good timing that I got this car a few days after the Mixtape party but it is not true that I used the Mixtape money although we made enough money that night,” Stuart said.

Stuart has been using boda-bodas and getting lifts from a few friends ever since he sold his Toyota Allex, about three months ago. When asked why he bought the Altezza, he said he has always wanted upgrade from the Toyota Allex. Meanwhile, DJ Roja had his car stolen while he was playing music at one of the clubs in Mukono. But after a few months, he bought a second-hand Toyota Glanza.

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