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Bebe Cool tells off critics over new song “I’m sorry”




Bebe Cool has a new song titled ‘I’m Sorry’ which has just been released. But even before the date of its release was announced, some media houses, websites and blogs were quick to pin the Love you Every Day artiste saying that he has finally apologised following his participation in the Tubonga nawe project.
Not to be outwitted, Bebe Cool came out last evening and rubbished those spreading the news of his apology in the song, telling them to “keep dreaming” on his Facebook page.

This comes several weeks after Rema Namakula, another artiste who participated in the Tubonga nawe project came out and apologised on national TV for having been part of the project.

Bebe Cool, who has released four songs so far (Abadilibada, Taata, Ki ekiganye and Kabulangane) in a space of two months, added I’m sorry sighting his highly anticipated show on the August 5th at Kampala Serena hotel.

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