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Young Mulo thinks A Pass isn’t talented


Young Mulo

Singer Yung Mulo has been off the scene for sometime now; and no, he did not quit singing, he just hasn’t been lucky to get another hit. But even then, Mulo has come out to prove that a struggling man has the right to judge those at the top of their game at the moment.
Mulo resurrected on NTV’s The Beat show last Tuesday and he was all full of himself, as he argued that he was still the best dance hall musician in Uganda, before he went on to trash all fellow singers in the same genre.
Mulo, without fear or shame, dragged the likes of Peter Miles, Ziza Bafana and Sizzaman to his level.
And he was not done yet; in what many viewers shall agree was a clear display of immaturity, Mulo went on to brag about being the grandfather of reggae- just because he has a new reggae song! Yes, you guessed right- Douglas was left in stitches!

To prove he knew what he was talking about, Mulo said he enjoys A Pass’ Would You Give Me a Kiss song, “but I don’t like the singer (A Pass), because I think he is not talented,” Mulo wound up.
That was it; Mulo had clearly punched way above his weight! A few minutes later, Douglas asked Mulo to say his goodbyes and off he was!

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