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Titus Tugume urges fellow kick boxers to go back to school

Finally kick boxer Titus Tugume has trounced his arch-rival Moses Golola! And no, it did not have to be in the ring, Tugume simply had to go to school! After failing to beat Golola in the ring, Tugume can at least brag about being more educated than Golola.
The kickboxer was among the thousands of graduates that were awarded degrees at Kampala University recently. He graduated with a degree in Public Administration.
And as if to rub it in, especially to Golola, Tugume went ahead and urged fellow kickboxers to return to school.
“It took me three years of struggle and hard work. It was difficult to balance sports, army work and education at the same time. I am happy I made it,” Tugume said.
The UPDF fighter then passed on his advice to colleagues in the same trade: “You cannot fight forever, so it’s not enough to be a good fighter, you need a backup plan just in case you got a lifetime injury or outgrow the sport.”
We teased Tugume about whether he was particularly sending this message to Golola, and his response was simple, “Even him, he should go back to school.”
Well, we are yet to find out how several fighters out there will respond to Tugume’s advice, considering that many claim to have turned to kick boxing because they had no source of school fees.

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