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Golola Moses apologises to fans over loss

Golola Moses

Golola Moses

Motor mouth kick boxer Moses Golola who was beaten by Hungarian international Mate Zsamboki has come out to officially apologise to his fans. In an interview with Sqoop, the dramatic sportsman said he is aware of the anger his fans have towards him.

“I apologise to my fans. I know they are saying I am stupid. But what has Golola Moses done for our country? I was eager to go into the ring and I was determined to go out with a title. When I got the knee problem I thought it would recover.” He told Sqoop, that his knee bone got dislocated and he could not fight on“I am almost self-taught.

I have brought an international fighter here. This fight for me was better than the one I had with Nagy because I attacked Mate Zsamboki with nice punches and kicks and I want to tell my fans that Zsamboki is a good fighter, Zsamboki is aggressive. I wanted to take him through footwork but my knee gave way,” the spirited kick boxer added re-echoing assurance of him ‘not being a joking subject’ despite many branding him no less than a comedian.

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