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Date with a celeb : Ronald Mugula, kickboxing champion meets fan Edrin Lubega

Ronald Mugula (left) a kickboxing champion hangs with fan Lubega Edrin. Photo By Ismail Kezaala

Ronald Mugula (left) a kickboxing champion hangs with fan Lubega Edrin. Photo By Ismail Kezaala

(Latest Kickboxing franchise Ronald Mugula met fond fan Lubega Edrin at the National Theatre, and they talked about the sport and his life)

I’m glad that I finally get to meet you, where are you based?
Me too bro, I’m based in Germany. Kickboxing is a major sport in Europe despite lagging behind in Africa, Uganda in particular.

To begin with, I’d like to thank you for hammering Nagy for us in just two rounds. We went early to bed. Was it true Golola was number two or three in the world at the time he fought Nagy?
I don’t know anything about him, all I know is the information on the internet. Nagy was number one but, by the time we fought he had slumped to number four. So after defeating Nagy, I’m number one in Europe and intercontinental and I have a few more titles to my name. I will fight for all those belts in my 68kgs category. Kick boxing is organised by federations, so each federation has its own belts categorised in weights.

When did you start playing the sport?
Along time ago in 2000 as an amateur. I was staying in Najjanankumbi ghettos, we were fighting for the national team. The only reason we haven’t gone for olympics is because this game is very violent and dangerous but hopefully they will be a next time. So you should expect a lot of belts and victories because I’ve even started getting people who want to challenge me to these titles.

How simple is it establishing a career in Germany as a kick boxer?
It is simple, if you put on a good show for them, fight in a way that will make them enjoy watching. I went to Germany in 2007, as an amateur representing Uganda as an individual. The Uganda Kickboxing Federation gave me the letter that permitted me to fight in Germany as a Ugandan, I didn’t just escape from the team like most athletes.

So how did you return, are you here permanently?
No, when Nagy backslid, I received a call from the organisers inquiring if I could fight Nagy, I told them I could give him a whipping with and I packed my bags and returned home but I’m will be going back to Germany.

What about the lady, is she just your manager or she also doubles as both manager and housewife?
We are close but she isn’t my wife, she’s my manager. Tabloids don’t write correct information. If they see that you are close to someone they conclude that you are moving out.

What do you think is lacking in kickboxing in Uganda?
Television networks don’t invest in broadcasting games. Instead, they broadcast foreign matches, the fighters themselves are also too proud to learn from other experienced fighters. The federation hasn’t come out to educate fighters the rules of the different forms of fights.

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