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Amos Waiswa doing what he does best – mixing cocktails. He says he charges a minimum of Shs150,000 per hour at an event. PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

the cocktail man: Amos is a mixologist, a profession that rotates around mixing cocktails. He has been doing it for more than seven years and doesn’t regret doing this kind of job.

When did you start mixing drinks and bartending?
In 2008.

Where did you get the experience to do this kind of job?
Through attending workshops, seminars and vigorous trainings.

Take me through the steps of mixing a cocktail.
Mixing a cocktail is not so difficult, especially if you have the right ingredients. For starters, you must have the correct glass ware, ice rocks/cubes, spirit, mixer, garnish, straws, napkins/saviettes. If you mix all that, then you can serve your cocktail.

How many cocktails can you mix?
I can do more than 500 different cocktails.

What if someone doesn’t drink alcohol, can you prepare them something without alcoholic ingredients?
Yes, I can. Not all cocktails have alcohol content in them. For example, the Schweppes mojito is a non-alcoholic cocktail that anyone can enjoy.

Which places have you worked before?
Here in Uganda, I have worked at the now defunct Just Kicking Sports Bar in Kisementi.

How different are you from other mixologists?
I’m a mixiologist as well as a flair bartender.

In case I want to learn. How long can it take me to learn this profession?
If you are fast at learning, then a minimum of two years is all it takes.

What challenges have you faced in this business so far?
Bartenders are not respected at all and in most cases, they refer to us as failures. We also don’t have enough funds to enable us compete globally with other international bartenders. Lastly, we don’t have institutions such as bar academies here in Uganda.

And has it helped you in any way?
Of course, it has. This job has exposed me both locally and internationally, it has helped me know people’s lifestyles and I have achieved most of my dreams out of this job.

In case I want to hire you. How much would it cost me?
My charges are negotiable, depending on the hours I’m working for you, but the least I can charge is Shs150,000 per hour.

How can someone contact you?
They can call 0773-232-686 or 0773-232-686.



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