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Hustler : Arnold Mubi Nyo

Mubi nyo

Arnold Mubi nyo

Why do you call yourself Mubi Nyo?
My stage name is Arnold Mubi Nyo. I started calling myself Mubi Nyo after I asked my manager how I had performed and he was like, “Bubi Nyo (you were very bad).” At first I was scared, but he explained that I had done so well I had “murdered” the crowd.

How did you get into stand-up comedy?
I started with auditions for M-Net’s Stand Up Uganda contest, but it didn’t work out for me. Besides, I was still in school. In my S.6 vacation I joined the Crackerz as a writer and stage attendant. When I realized that my jokes were working for guys, I decided to start perfoming myself. It didn’t work out for me because most of the guys in Crackers were better than at delivery, so I joined Brainwash, a comedy outfit that used to perform at Sabrinas. We also performed at Effendys and Wonder World, and that’s how I met the manager of Punked Bunch who asked me to join his group.

Why of all careers and talents you probably possess did you choose making a fool of yourself on a stage?
Ha! That’s a good one, well I tried music but not even my family members pretended to like my music. I also tried bricklaying but my friends disapproved of it and I “collided” with stand-up comedy.

Do you see yourself doing comedy all your life or a side career will be the main breadwinner?
No actually, right now I have a company called Amotex Inc, which deals in computer hardware and software though I started it from my comedy income. It’s bringing in far more than comedy does, so I plan on pushing it further. Comedy is more of a hobby.

What is your biggest challenge in the game?
Back then, it was the audience being unresponsive but now it’s my busy schedule. It barely allows me time to prep for a show.

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