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Hustler : 4-GB Otim

4-GB Otim

4-GB Otim

What is the logic behind calling yourself 4-GB?
‘4-GB Simply means 4 times-a-Greater-Being. Logic behind it is I believe I see things not only in 3D but i also have a 4th sense as well, 4D… in lay man terms. Whatever you or anyone thinks they can do, i do it four times Greater or Better.

What’s your hustle?
I do hip hop music.

Why music, hip hop? Couldn’t there be something else?
I grew up listening to music because I was born in a staunch Christian family. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘there is the church thing every musician talks about’. Waking up every Sunday morning and mum was singing along to that gospel music while she did the ironing or running our bath water.

Her voice was amazing and music became my first love and today I’ve grown fond of hip hop. I also direct and produce music videos and films under my videography company SLT-Throat. Adding to my cart, I’m a professional fine artist and a basketballer. I played in the league for like three years but dropped out because it wasn’t paying the bills, yet music does, both through videography and my performances.

How far with the hip hop thing?
It’s exactly three years now since I decided to do music professionally, strictly mainstream English hip hop, though at times I also blend rap into dancehall and house music. I am working on my first album called The Fr33dom

People are beginning to appreciate hip hop music, radio stations are playing home made hiphop. Radio deejays like Mr Deejay, Mckenzie, DMS, Kahuna and Shovon are the reason hiphop is taking heights.

Have you done some major work?
Like I said, I’m working on an album and this features a couple of artistes like Unique from Klear Kut with whom I collaborated on the song Mukwano. The video is already getting commendable airplay on the local TV stations. This album also features Atlas, Vampino, Cindy,  plus some guys from the US. The list is long.

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