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Tycoon Kassami gives Sudhir’s daughter vintage car as early wedding present


To many of us, Shs200m would be a jackpot to last us a lifetime. Imagine what you would do with Shs200m; organise a kwanjula, wedding, buy land, construct a dream home, start a business, buy yourself and madam cars and also shop for your parents.
But for Sheena Ruparelia, Dr Sudhir Ruparelia’s second daughter, Shs200m came in form of an early wedding present from the Ruparelias’ longtime family friend, tycoon John Kassami.
And guess what the present was? No, not a house or building, but a vintage car. Yes, Kassami surprised Sudhir when a car carrier drove to his Kololo villa with a 1967, 6.8, V8 Silver Shadow seated and covered at the back.
Sudhir then received a call from, Kassami, that the car was an early wedding present for Sheena. Sudhir immediately shared photos of the car on the carrier, and also corrected gossip sites that had earlier indicated that he had bought the car for Sheena. “Sheena Ruparelia, this is your wedding present from your uncle John Kassami,” read a post on his Facebook page.
A car expert told us that the 1967 Vintage Rolls Royce is estimated at about $30,000 (about Shs102m) before taxes and its total estimate inclusive of shipping and taxes, is about Shs200m.
Celebrated American star Lady Gaga owned a similar car, but she auctioned it about two years ago for close to $50,000 for charity.
Sheena, tycoon Sudhir’s only other daughter, is expected to walk down the aisle with fiancé Jay Sakharia this August in London. All the best Jay and Sheena, and congs on that beautiful ride!

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