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No shows for Bebe Cool until campaigns end


If it is for the money, then it must be a bounty! Otherwise, what else would make singer Bebe Cool stay away from his Zuena for months; especially now that they even have a new member in the family- baby Deen?
Yes, Bebe told us that he will be on President Museveni’s campaign trail until the last rally. The singer has been away from his family since the year began and unlike his peers who take days off with their families, Bebe has not returned for even a night. Well, when contacted, Bebe, like always, ruled out the money bit, saying he has a role to play in nation building and for the party he supports.
“It is not the money, it is the personal commitment to make my nation better and ensure my candidate enjoys a landslide victory. Do you want to say I was paid to choose President Museveni over my father? I have a role to play and I feel safer playing it with Mzei,” Bebe told us.
However, the singer did not deny getting payment for his services; “you call it payment, I call it facilitation that helps me serve my party. You know Bebe Cool is very expensive to have for this long; so just know I am doing it for the love of NRM,” Bebe said. The singer told us that his wife Zuena is supportive of his decision and said he is not having any other performance besides Museveni’s rallies till election time! One word for Bebe Cool?

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