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Maro starts own recording studio


It seems self-proclaimed RnB kyabazinga, Maro, has finally found the winning formula to becoming a successful artiste in Uganda. Yes, owning a studio can help an artiste improve their works and have easy access to recording facilities.

And Maro started the year by fulfilling one of his 2015 resolutions – owning a recording studio.
Maro tipped us a few days ago that his studio, Humble Records, that is run under his Humble management label is already operating.
“…we are both an audio and video production house. We did this to ease my work as an artiste and at the same time make some money by working with artistes,” Maro told us.
Humble Records is located in Makindye, Luwafu near Crested Senior Secondary School. According to Maro, the initiative cost about Shs20m. He also informed us that he has already hired Saidi Soft, a little-known producer from Jinja as the resident producer at his studio. A studio session at Humble Records will go for Shs300,000 for now. Congs Maro!

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