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Naira Ali unbothered by family’s reaction over new gospel hit


Rumour has been making rounds that singer Naira Ali’s family disowned her over her new gospel song titled Sinze, which she released recently. Apparently the family, led by Naira’s father, were not happy about the singer releasing a gospel song albeit having raised her from a staunch Muslim background.
However, during her performance at the launch of the new monthly Women On Top party at Asylum Bar in Kiwatule at the weekend, Naira made it clear that she will not bow to any pressure because she “believes in God”.
“Allah, God, Jah is all one person to me and if many people the world over believe in Jesus and God, what is different with me, a Muslim singing about what people believe in? Besides, music has no boundaries – people do not look at our religions to support us, they look at the talent, lyrics and personality,” Naira told us.
Well, Chritsmas is here and Naira just gave us all something to add to our playlist. Over to you all who love Jesus!

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