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hustler : Steven Okeng

What is the name of your business?
Trocx Recordz. It’s a music recording studio.

When did you start the studio?
The studio started operating in late 2013.

How much capital did you invest in it?
Initially I invested Shs9m, which catered for my Imac, Behringer Truth B3013A, Studio monitors, Megamax powered mixer, Audio technical microphone and an Mbox 2 soundcard.

Where did you get the equipment from?
I imported some from South Africa while others were bought here.

What else does your studio do?
We are not just an ordinary music recording studio. We are also a fully registered record label that is associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. We are also into managing brands and trademarks; coordinating the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, talent scouting and development of new artistes and maintaining contracts with recording artistes and their managers.

How much do you charge for audio and video?
Our charges are fair and favourable. For audio, we charge Shs300,000 while video depending on the script of the song starts at Shs 700,000 and more.

Which famous artistes have produced  music for?
Vampino, Young Mulo, Sheeba, Coco Finger, Short Cut from Gagamel, and St Nelly Sade among others.

How many songs do you produce per day?
That depends on which artiste we are working with. If it’s an upcoming artiste, we have to give him or her a lot of time to perfect the song but when the artiste is already established, it doesn’t take us a lot of time. Usually, we do three sessions a day.

What challenges are you facing?
Unprofessionalism from fellow producers, and failure by the media houses to recognise and appreciate us homegrown producers.

How much is the business worth at the moment?
The business is still growing and soon it shall be valued at a double cost of its initial capital.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
With focus, dedication, courage and the level of professionalism that my team has, we are shall be one of the biggest labels in Uganda.

Where is your studio located?
We are located in Ntinda, near Capital Shopper’s Supermarket, on the same building with National Organisation of Trade Unions (Notu).

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