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Mubs : Students not ready for lectures


Campusers were supposed to start attending lectures on Monday, but many are yet to report to the lecture rooms. Many students prefer to take the first week slow and they have been seen hanging at their hostel balconies blaring music and hitting night spots in the evenings.
On Tuesday, only 20 students out of 280 turned up for one of the BBA classes and the lecturer still went ahead to teach, this time tasking them to register, a move most students say will cause the absentees “a lot of trouble”.
Many students say it is a norm for them to report for lectures a week after the supposed reporting date. “I cannot get back to campus on Saturday and you expect me to attend lectures Monday. I have to give myself one week to settle and organise myself for lectures,” Phillip Isabirye, a second year Mubs students reasons.
As for Jackie Ahimbisibwe, a third year human resource student, she has not yet gotten the money to clear her hostel so she is not at campus. “I have to clear up all my hostel fees, which I haven’t, I have to pay up tuition, which I also haven’t, so you cannot start lecturing on the first day of campus as if you do not have a home and family to stay with while the students get ready for class,” she said.

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