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Leila in hot exchange with ‘Uganda’s Nicki Minaj’ over her closeness to tycoon SK Mbuga



This will surely put a smile on Fatuma Zalwango, the lady who stormed media houses sometime last year and accused singer Leila Kayondo, whom she alleged to be her sister, of snatching her man- tycoon SK Mbuga.
Although Leila first denied the relationship with the tycoon, it was just a matter of time before everything was in the open, as she cruised around in his luxurious Hummer vehicles with personalised plates. The two were also seen in different hangouts doing things lovers do. While we are yet to find out what Leila’s accuser is up to, looks like there is another woman accusing another of snatching her man! And you will not believe who the new accuser is; Leila Kayondo herself!
Leila is said to be engrossed in a bitter exchange with upcoming singer and former Maisha dancer Shamim Namawa aka Uganda’s Nicki Minaj. Our sources told us that Leila’s woes began when ‘her man’ SK Mbuga, chose to extend his generosity towards the bootylicious Shamim, by injecting some dollars towards her music career.
According to our sources, Mbuga, in a bid to ease Shamim’s movements to her performances, went ahead and bought her a Toyota Harrier.
“And that was it for Leila, she had smelt a rat and after trying to question Mbuga and failing to get clear answers, she launched direct attacks at Shamim through phone calls and text messages,” the source told us.
The source told us that Shamim could not let Leila simply trample over her and go; “she (Shamim) asked Leila why she is so insecure yet she also just snatched the man (Mbuga) from her own sister!”

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