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Fashion tip : with Gloria Haguma


THE HEAD WRAP. It’s a stylish solution to those
bad hair days
We all suffer bad hair days occasionally. And finding a quick fix to this can be quite a piece of work. Well, that should not be a problem anymore. The solution you may have been looking for lies in the head wrap.
The new head wrap is trendy, vibrant and also very easy to match with your outfits. The cutest way to pull off your head wrap look is to have the knot right above your fore head. You can decide to colour coordinate the wrap with your outfit or colour block, or even have it in monochromatic looks. You can also wear your wrap with some detail like strips, polka dots or florals.
The head wrap is something you can wear over your maxi dress, to work, for a weekend chill, or even over your kaftan.
Alternatively, you can match it on your jeans and crop top looks. A scarf can be the ideal choice for your head wrap.

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