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This Ugandan eats money

Samz Mbowa: Sqoop: Ugandans especially nkuba kyeyos have started a habit of showing off how much money they have in the most ridiculous ways. This one was pictured ‘eating’ 50k notes, complete with tomato sauce. What do you have to say to such people????

Muwanika Gerald Gero Geralds: Dat’s having too much of kyalo.

Muhanguzi Justus: Dat’s being fake.

Gwari Thompson: Easy come and easy go, just junk!

Charlie Trixie: He should go for mental checkup immediately…

Nuwagaba Mwesigwa Denny: Idiocy.

Madxavi S. Living: Dat’s hw it beginz when ur abt 2 get poor.

Earlyx Degame Baguma: A who dat?

Godfrey Onzima: Shows awkwardness.

Zahara Abdul: Hehe.

Termot Okello Martin: It’s his muller, wtf!!!

Makaada Abubaker: Idiot.

Zahara Abdul: I like that.

Kamugisha Augustine: Money without brains is nothing.

Kingo Kizito Okokoro: The money man made, made man mad.

Chombe Stanlee: Stupidity just.

Hendrix Pro Simo: Silly.

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