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Kenzo lauds Rema for being special, strong and patient

Shortly before stepping on stage to entertain people from his home area in Masaka, Eddy Kenzo received a call from his sister telling him that his better half, singer Rema Namakula had just given birth to a healthy baby girl.
Kenzo rushed back to Kampala. After he set his eyes on his new baby girl, he took to his Facebook wall where he showered her with romantic praises for giving his other daughter Maya, a sister.
“I wanna thank the beautiful Rema for being strong for all this while. She is so special, given her status and age, compared to the words that people have said about her; she would have answered and attacked some, but she didn’t. May Allah grant her best wishes; let’s welcome baby Aamaal to the world, Amen,” Kenzo’s message read in part.
Unfortunately, duty called and Kenzo flew out two days later to Equatorial Guinea where he performed at a New Year’s Eve concert on Wednesday.
Congs Kenzo and Rema!

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