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Hustler : Hassan Ssenkindu


Music writer Hassan Ssenkindu, together with his partner Dickens Mugasa decided to start their own music studio because they were tired of recording demos in other studios.

What is the name of your studio?
It’s called Purplechord Music Studios.

Why did you have to name it Purplechord?
We needed to create another approach to music. This is a collection of songwriters, producers and artistes all in one place and Purplechord is a catchy and easy name to remember.

Of all things why a studio?
We started out as songwriters and to sell music, you need to have a demo that is recorded in studios, so we decided that instead of wasting all that money and resources to record from somewhere else, we should start our own.

What are some of the songs you’ve written and done at Purplechord?
Grace Nakimera’s Riziki Yo and Nfa, plusWotuse by Jackie Chandilu among others.

And which artistes have worked at this studio?
They are quite many, but established artistes include Sheeba, Grace, Cindy, Ziza Bafana and Santana.

What is required to start up a standard studio?
Money, premises and a target market. But the most important thing is how to keep it running. Your have to have clients who trust you with their songs.

How much did you guys invest in this studio?
Starting up a studio isn’t easy at all because the machines are expensive. We started with the basic things like a sound card, microphone and a studio computer putting our initial cost at about Shs15m. The rest like mixers, keyboards, studio monitors and acoustic treatment also known as sound proofing were done later.

How much do you charge for a session?
We charge above Shs300,000 per song and why I say that is because some songs involve a lot like backups, instruments and so on.

Where is your studio located?
In Mengo opposite Silvertone Gardens.

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