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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Should we hire maids?

Sqoop:  The evil maid’s video is still trending on social media. Do you think parents should still entrust their children in the care of maids????

Moses Ochieng:  That trust should prevail after thoroughly vetting of the maid who you intend to employ, getting a track record of her past background.

Zuena Hayati: Not all the maids are the same.

Akandwanaho G Empex: They should employ maids when they know where they come from.

Brian Jawich: Maids come as a result of lazy housewives.

Sophia Nsubuga: I have never and I will never use a maid. If I can’t manage, I take my princess to my mum.

Muhu Conrad: Maids should equally b treated well in some cases… some are mistreated and dat’s de result….
And not all are de same.

Mukasa Moses: They’ve got no option, anti nothing to do, but let’s pray to our beautiful Uganda.

Violah Mumzgal Omulyamamba abeera omu navuumagaya ekika kyoona kati mulowooza nti buli ava e Rakai musezi? We shud trust zem bambi but on a small extent. Even women, nobody can take better care ov a child than u da mother.

Nisiima Omubejja Generous: Do u think dat all maidz are de same?

Ma-Lady Susy: Yeah, parents shd not be alarmed. Yes there are some wrong characters dat hide in all kinds of jobs, bt lets jst keep a keen supervision and also make them feel accepted. And a lito care nd love that will make them feel they belong cn overcome lots of uncertainties.

Charlie Trixibell: I don’t think all maidz behave in that way. She’s becoming famous for the wrong reason.

Dribani Sosten: Most of da housewives knows how to produce but not how to take care of children. Their kids will suffer lyk dat if they don’t learn lesson from dat.

Bumpenje Ronald: Ya,coz not all maids r that bad.

Acie Rungi: Just treat them as nicely as you can and leave the rest to God coz truthfully they are as human as you are n can react the same or worse.

Masiko Raymond: Mwana kilabika oyo maid asana musiba telikwesiga a maid again haaaaaaa nowafe twamugobye. (We fired out maid).

Arnold Paul M: Trained maids from institutions are a beta option.

Jotson Ariho: Not all the maids are wrong characters. But parents should supervise them as well as caring for their maids like other members of the family.

Nanteza Carol Victoria: We sh’d get a maid’s institution in Uganda seriously.

Rich Mora:  U will be surprised nga that lady doesn’t want to sit home 4 sum tym 4 the sake of their children.

Nkonge Betsy: That evil maid nidz 2be tortured 4 what she did 2 da innocent baby.

Joanie Pearl: Ladies shd perform their duties or take the little ones to day care skuls.

Bukomba Ronald Dennis: Some parents do not specify work for the maids yet even pay them less when over worked. Maids have no problem, they take a bad heart using Newton’s third law.

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