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Pallaso’s fiancée joins him in Uganda

pallaso-familyA few years back, Pius Mayanja, then known as Lizzard, left the country for a performance with his big brother Jose Chameleone in Uncle Sam’s land, but he never returned. Lizzard cum Pallaso chose to stay back to seek greener pastures.

Years later, he returned to Kampala as a mini-star; riding on the fame of the Amaaso track, on which he featured alongside his elder brother Weasle, and Radio. When he flew into the country in May, Pallaso had only a four-months visa. But things changed; Pallaso teamed up with Jeff Kiwanuka, the former Goodlyfe manager, a man disliked by Pallaso’s two brothers; Weasle and Chameleone.
Musically, Pallaso has managed to establish himself as a major force to reckon with back home, albeit he is yet to prove his solo strength as most of the tracks he is riding on are duets.
Pallaso must have also realised that the only way to do that is to live here a little longer, but he wasn’t about to forget his family back in the US. On Monday, Pallaso’s fiancée Nichole Hayman flew in with their son Dinari, to live with her man. Nichole had to dump her work at Mercy hospital in Mayne to come and stand by her better half as he tries to stamp his foot harder at home. However, Nichole left their younger daughter Maisha, back in the US, a sign that she will not be staying long. An excited Pallaso posted pix of him preparing a meal for his family earlier this week. Hopefully Nichole will be able to handle all that comes with being a music star in Uganda.

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