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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Lokodo wants desire jailed

Sqoop: Ethics and integrity minister, Fr Simon Lokodo has asked the police to investigate, arrest, lockup and also isolate singer Desire Luzinda over leaked nude pictures on social media.
What is your take on the minister’s stand?

Kyagaba Raymond: Honourable minister, have you been around? With all due respect sir, you are a little confused in this matter, if you had to say something, it had to sound #ministerial, at least.

Prim Rose: This was her private business. Is she the first or last? Was Mama Fiina arrested? Let him not stress the girl, even him he can be a victim of circumstances.

Perp Saywante: Our dear minister, first arrest and isolate the people you share with in your day to day life; your fellow corrupt officials, and then turn to the helpless public figure whose nudes were leaked by someone who she took them for. The right people to arrest are your fellow officials and that little-minded guy. Thank you our dear minister.

Constance Akoth: I don’t see why Desire should go to prison since she’s not the one who wanted the world to see that, let him arrest that good for nothing man Franklin.

Joseph Lukyamuzi: When Desire took those pics she never meant for them to be public, it therefore aint her fault that they eventually did. Chic has not contravened any law. The minister seems to be simply looking for relevance but he needn’t try too hard because we all knoe his ministry is one of those unnecesary ones…we have religion for that!

Robert Believer: I believe everyone reading this post has ever been in love. LOVE IS BLIND. By the time she took these nude pics, she never imagined it would get to this stage, spare the poor thing bambi.

Kendricks Ronald: Pliz Rev Fr, concentrate on the church and let Desire Luzinda concentrate on doing what she does best. You two are not related.End of story.

Bukomba Ronald Dennis: The picture must have been too nude to be enjoyed by the minister. Maybe he is right to take that step.

George Munu: But I thought Reverends dont get attracted to nude pics.

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