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Bebe Cool brags about his social media power in Esther’s exit

Somethings he does are extremely annoying, but love or hate him, singer Bebe Cool will always stick to his beliefs. In the wake of allegations that the South Sudan government had ordered all foreigners, including Ugandans to vacate all employment in their land, Bebe confidently wrote a long post on his Facebook wall in which he warned that should the allegations be true, “Southern Sudanese should never step foot at any of his concerts!” Now that’s bold! And after returning from Sweden recently, Bebe attracted mixed reactions when he made another post in which he called upon all Ugandans, especially his Gagamel Phamily fans to shun Ugandan BBA Hotshots contestant Esther Akankwasa and instead vote for Ellah! And when Esther was ordered out of the house on Sunday evening, Bebe called the leaders of his Gagamel Phamily fans group and thanked them for voting. When contacted for a comment about Esther’s exit earlier this week and why he was against her stay in the house, Bebe said: “Why would she go into the house and start abusing me? She forgot one thing; my power on social media. Today my Gagamel Phamily is the biggest force in Uganda as far as social media is concerned, that’s why when I ordered that we vote Ella to remain in the house, it went exactly that way, yet Esther was more outspoken, although she said a lot of nonsense.”

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