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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

celebs react to kenzo scuffle

fightEddy Kenzo: “Im so sorry for my actions yesterday morning. I lost my cool but I apologise to my fans.”

Kasuku: Musicians always claim we can’t say things to their faces…today at Laftaz lounge I put Kenzo on the spot over claims that media is paid to play or destroy pipoz songs. After showing him as the biggest culprit of such acts after he paid Star TV not to play Big Eye’s music in 2011 when they got differences, the boy literally attacks me.

Andrew Benon Kibuka (President Uganda performing Rights association): I condemn what Kenzo did because it was a negative image towards artistes and Kasuku was also way beyond his limit. He kept provoking Kenzo, a thing that wasn’t right. Both parties need each other and let us work together to make the industry a better place.

Big Eye: I know nothing about what Kasuku said. Kenzo is more of a brother to me because we lived together for a long time.

Weasel: Kenzo…Kenzo… Kenzo…that boy can beat like a drum.

Radio: Kenzo Mayweather … orry I missed your fight.

Joel Isabirye: To my friends who are celebs. If a journalist angers you because of what they say or write that may not be true, first thing is to find out if what they say is true or not. If it’s not true, you do not need to get physical because it is criminal. If the story is not true, call a good lawyer and sue for Shs5b. Three of those cases going through will definitely get the media houses to pay more attention to casual reporting but beating up a journalist affects your social capital. It could also land you in jail for quite some time. Celebs also need to cultivate a habit of official communication through press releases. Release a press statement on social media and to the media on the matter and then if you decide to go to legal go ahead.”

Aydde Dumba (Ngoni): Wow, just been updated about Kenzo attacking a media person physically… I’m lost for words. Knowing Kenzo as a soft hearted fella, I doubted this until I saw pictorial evidence, but just like my intellectual idol Joel Isabirye, legal redress was the way to go for Kenzo, instead of physical assault. But reality is sometimes these fellas can tickle you to the last nerve. These guys can really damage your reputation as a public figure, and I guess sometimes the reward should be a few kicks. I don’t condone violence, but for once I have a smile (which I shouldn’t) resulting from the violence.

Julius Kyazze (CEO Swangz Avenue): Cheap popularity got a deserved beating. Next will be me slapping mediocrity out of these skunks who make a living on wrecking people’s reputations.


Salvado Idringi: Just watched an action movie. I’m not a violent person or one who promotes the vice but Kasuku should ask himself why he is always the only Ugandan journalist beaten.

Compiiled by Isaac Ssejjombwe

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