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Jackie and her “insured” legs, oh please!

Last weekend, I was at a daytime concert. I imagined that artistes look out for the best outfits to suit the occasion. The likes of Irene Ntale and Fille, among others, seemingly dressed up within their comfort zones while Jackie Chandiru made a different fashion statement, in a skimpy skirt. I guess she wanted to fit in with the teenagers she was performing for. A decision that she probably regretted the entire time.
No sooner had she started performing than she sent out a warning to the excited fans who were all touchy, as if wanting a piece of her, “Do not touch my legs okay, its not good manners for you to do so.”

Now to some of our big-headed people, such a line can read, “do it again”. And indeed they did not stop.
All this circus can be expected especially when one dresses provocatively, but the line that made me go oops had the agitated Jackie saying; “Please do not touch my legs. Okay? They are insured, so please keep off”.

I was like wait a minute, has our very own Ugandan joined international artistes like Tina Turner and Rihanna who have previously had their legs insured?
I quickly did my rounds at insurance companies just to establish this because like any other human being, I would like to have certain parts of my body insured too, many of which I am constrained to mention here but well, none offered such a service.

I started to wonder; did Jackie think that Ugandans are too shallow-minded that the best way to scare them off is by insinuating that her legs are insured? Oba why do people want to play with our intelligence?

Okay, assuming I am wrong and Jackie’s legs are indeed insured, what is the point of fussing over the fact that she exposed them and the fans were having a field day?Let us be real.
When one has insured an asset, they can flaunt it with confidence and peace of mind, resting assured that in case anything happened to it, there would be an immediate solution, right?So isn’t it weird that Jackies’ insured legs were making the owner so worried as if they were made of glass?

With all due respect, it’s about time people owned up to their own actions. She clearly knew that she was going to perform during the day. She clearly had looked and observed how the stage had been built and the kind of crowd that she was going to perform for. Why didn’t she stay out of reach of the touchy teens?

But hey, at the end of the day, I am not Jackie, right? So I will just rest my case and wait for the next time she assures everyone to keep off her “insured legs” Oh Ugandans!



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