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Bebe shares stage with eldest son

Bebe Cool shares a stage with the oldest son.The last edition of the Best of Bebe Cool concerts held at Ggaba Beach last Sunday provided revellers with more historical moments from the Nkola Byafayo singer. For the first time ever, Bebe introduced his eldest son Allan to the gathering. Allan stepped on stage and did a song titled Bondo.

“The boy sounds exactly like Bebe. He is his true son,” said an unidentified fan as Allan sang in a coarse voice very akin to his father’s. Bebe joined his son to do one of the song’s verses, as the crowd cheered wildly. After performing his own song, Allan requested his father to allow him sing for him his best Bebe Cool song tilted Nkwagala. It was quite an emotional moment as the younger Bebe sang for his father before handing him a pair of shades as a present for loving him.

Although Bebe had made it clear that he would not help his son musically until he finds his feet in the industry, he seemed to have changed position at Ggaba. “That’s my blood. I will do anything to make sure he becomes even bigger than me,” Bebe vowed.

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