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Team No Sleep kicked out of Casa, turns to Laftaz

Team No sleepAcacia Avenue-based Casablanca Bar finally took a bold step and banned Team No Sleep (TNS) members from accessing the hangout. Finally, because the hangout had received several complaints from patrons about the chaotic team but the complaints seemed to fall on deaf ears.
However, after the brawl where Pallaso allegedly beat up Mowzey Radio, the bar management was warned by the Kira Road Police boss to find measures of punishing some of the rowdy celebrities. The bar has since tightened their security and also banned all members of Team No Sleep, starting with their boss Jeff Kiwanuka. According to sources within Casablanca management, Sheeba was the only one allowed to access the bar, but she also blew her luck out when she fought a male reveller sometime last week.
But this team is not about to go to sleep; as you read this, TNS members have already found a new home at Laftaz Lounge.
TNS will be headliners at a weekly Monday theme night dubbed Drunken Love. The night will feature DJ Bobby as well as performances from TNS artistes and will be characterised by strictly Ugandan music.
A message circulated on Whatsapp by TNS members, indicated that the party will begin from “10pm till 10am.” Indeed, Team No Sleep!

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