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Sylvia Owori to showcase at the London Fashion week

OworiWait a minute, what happened to Owori? She used to be up there; it was very hard for anyone to talk about fashion in Uganda and Owori’s name didn’t surface. She has been quiet of late, but not all has been lost. Owori still has her shop at Garden City and she still dresses some of Kampala’s high rollers. In fact she launched a new T-shirt line last evening.

She is still a respected designer and that is probably, the same reason that the designer was invited to participate in this year’s London Fashion week due in September.
Sources close to Owori told us that she is set to use this as a big come back into the fashion business.

Owori has in the past showcased at several fashions weeks, including Cape Town, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Tanzania and the Africa Fashion week. Owori has also designed for the Face of Africa search.

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