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Davido, Neyo show dates clashing

DavidoIt’s confirmed, trending Nigerian music star and BET award winner Davido is set to return to Kampala this December. Davido was booked by fellow Nigerian, UK based promoter Chinedu Ikoroha of Cee Cee Entertainment. Chinedu is infamous for the Mavado show that never materialised.

We wouldn’t want to doubt Chinedu since Davido was here last year, but we cannot also wholly believe him until Davido lands into the country.
Chinedu announced that Davido will perform in Kampala on December 5, but he is yet to confirm the venues and other details.
However, Chinedu’s announcement came just minutes after promoter Suudi had announced that he had confirmed American star Neyo for a show on the same date.
Suudi told us that he has already signed with Neyo and the singer will be doing three shows across the continent. “I have booked him for three shows for Africa. I love and respect

Davido but I am sure Neyo cannot change dates,” Suudi said.
A source close to Chinedu told us that he was considering to meet Suudi and see how they can work it out.

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