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Social media tips for celebs

In the beginning, communication was such a hussle but thanks to modern technology, we can do anything, anywhere, anyhow. But does technology call for drama? For example, isn’t it funny how some of the common names around have continuously abused these social media platforms and dragged in their fans and families along the way?

From cat fights featuring the likes of Zari, Sharon O, then Cindy and a one Phina Mugerwa, the latest involving Sheeba Karungi to other attacks from the likes of Bebe Cool and many others.. We have seen and had it all. Huh?
One wonders if it’s just a common case of ignorance, the lack of a proper understanding of how to conduct one’s life especially while on social media or a total case of improper upbringing?

Hopefully with these little tips, we can help some of them.
Have an aim: Starting up a fans page is a great way to build your brand especially if one has attained a little fame, but have a plan, and an aim. This business of having a million accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, name it with different names, same profile pictures, saying a lot of nonsense just does not make sense at all.
Remember to use the privacy settings: Being a common figure around town does not necessarily mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry, should have access to you. For example, imagine if Sheeba had utilised these options and established who’s requests to accept or reject and who to delete, then probably her fans would not have been exposed to this whole disgusting situation of her exposing semi-nude pictures in the name of a battle over a dude!

Play your roles right: When you choose to launch a life on social media, it makes you the custodian of your brand. You choose when to talk, write, and what to do. If it’s going to be a platform where you inspire your fans, then I would not see the essence of irrelevant verbal artillery with “haters” like a common case with most celebs.
Choose your battles right: It is commonly said that “silence is golden”. And that includes who to indulge in a battle. Sometimes it comes with common sense, sometimes it comes with the right grooming, and sometimes it may never come at all. However, if you do not want to land in any embarrassing situations, then just try to get it right. Do not speak, write, and react unless you are making sense.

Take a chill pill: Finally, cut the “I have arrived attitude” and get a hold of yourself, even with the fame that you have attained. In the end, you are neither the first nor the last in any of the “rise and fall”, or “rise and shine” series, so do not lose that head over every small and big thing for Christ’s sake!


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