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And then the jogging fad

If one is a regular driver along the Northern By-pass or some serene residential areas around Kampala, then they have noticed that jogging is the in-thing of late.
Everyone from the slimmest to the fattest person seems to have joined the bandwagon. You know how Ugandans can be.
But even in the name of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), trust some people to get it all wrong even when it seems as easy as ABC.

For example, just the other day, my eyes caught the sight of an upcoming gospel artiste I will not name, jogging along the Northern By-pass in a pair of jeans, baggy T-shirt and footwear that was totally off! I was forced to wonder if he was jogging or simply disguising as one who was jogging just because he didn’t have transport to his destination.
You know of late, one can boldly say that they are working out (read jogging or walking) kumbe they are actually working on a tight budget while coming off as cool as they make their way from point A to B.
Nonetheless, when you spot one spoiler in the game, they draw your attention to all the other wrong doers? Suddenly, I took note of all the wannabes shamelessly standing out of the crowd.

Yes, the likes that dress up in tight clothes which define every unflattering curve on the body. Ahem! Even if it’s all about trying hard to keep in shape, must the “work in progress” be exposed to all and sundry?
Then let us not forget about the other lot that wants to show off, by adding an extra touch to this trend in form of dogs which they walk with under the scorching sun in the early afternoon.  Seriously?

This brings about a whole lot of mixed feelings. Do some people think that working out is the best excuse for looking tacky? And who said that no one needs to invest in the right attire to  look the part? People can just want to be local.
For crying out loud, this person is not in their private gym at home but rather doing roadwork along a busy road. So is it hard for them to take that extra effort to do everything right?
Yeah, from the outfits to the right time to work out or walk the dogs, name it.

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