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Musicians shoudn’t make us entertainers at their shows

Last Saturday, I managed to shake off some stress by associating with a group of golf players in Entebbe.
It was beautiful, I must say, quite relaxing with the perfect icing on the cake, which featured a lovely performance from Grace Nakimera.
Now I like how she goes the extra mile to re-invent herself. I mean if it is not with her taking time to do her choreography well, she is fusing traditional dances to blend with her kind of music. This makes her performances stand out, in my view.

One can confidently expect something different each time she performs. But like they say, some old habits sure die hard.
You know this boring stunt of artistes performing and then fighting so hard to get people from the audience to join them? I just do not get it. I mean despite the good performance, there were those small spoilers like pulling a seemingly shy person to come join in.
As expected, a good number kept sticking to their chairs like they had some glue on them. Then you look at the effort invested in performing while looking for the right prey to pounce on only for the person to jam and you immediately wonder if it is worth it in the end.
By the time one invests in being entertained, they probably want to have just that. When they feel like it, then they will dance. There is a reason why we are all gifted in different fields.

If one is an artiste, then they will know how to deal with all the repercussions of being one. That is why we cannot find a doctor, for example, asking an actress to treat a patient.
So what makes some of these artistes think that forcing themselves on someone or pleading for them to join them on stage is the epitome of fun?
It is worse when they see a seemingly loaded person and they force their way and perform in front of them until they are tipped with a note or two (as does happen at some music launches).

Is it so hard to leave it at the discretion of the audience, so  that if they want to, they will join in? I mean it can be as simple as doing what one knows best minus the uncalled for drama.

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