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Pallaso coming home in may

PallasoMany people are wondering who Pallaso, the guy that features on Good Lyfe’s runaway hit Amaaso is. Well, we shall remind you of a one Pius Lizard, another crooning member of the Mayanja family. Pius who follows Good Lyfe singer Weasel, was famous for his Mudigidde hit before he left the country with Jose Chameleone for a musical tour in the US several years ago. On reaching US, he hooked up with an American girlfriend and he chose to elope with his love. He later changed his stage name from Lizard to Pallaso.

Over the years, he has stuck to music and has released a couple of songs with his singing partner The Mess.
However, as he made sure his music is heard, Pallaso’s journey was faced with serious challenges, the biggest being lack of immigration documents (aka papers) to stay and work in US. Pallaso was arrested a few years back and he spent over a year in jail before he was rescued by his girlfriend.

And everything seems to have fallen in place just at the right time for Pallaso as he now has the “papers” and a hit song in Amaaso. He feels this is the right time to return home. “I am coming in May. I will be performing live at Radio & Weasel’s album launch,” he told us.

And he intends to have more music by his return. “I am also working on a collabo with AK 47 and Chameleone and I also already released another one with GNL Zamba.”
We will be happy to see you again Pallaso!

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