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Hustler : Joel Katamba

Katamba deals in men’s wear. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEWhat’s the name of your business?
TJ Garments, T standing for Tamba and J for  Joel.
We sell men’s wear items like shoes, shirts, jeans and trousers plus ladies’ jewellery.

When did you start TJ Garments?
In 2012.

How much did you invest in TJ?
About Shs5m.

How much is the business worth now?
About Shs12m.

How much do you sell these items?
Men’s T-shirts go for Shs25,000, and jeans go for Shs50,000. Shirts cost Shs45,000 while jewellery costs Shs50,000.
What challenges are you facing doing this kind of business?
With my kind of goods, they are easily duplicated which makes me cut the price to prevent losses.

How have you benefitted from this business?
I have made friends and I’m able to cater for myself and my family.

How much can you make on a good day?
If all goes well, I can make 500,000.

And on a bad day?

Where is this business located?
It’s on the second floor of MM Plaza in Kampala.

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