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Hustler: Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats

Katamba is into artiste management. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

What is the name of your company?
ILM Company (I Love Music).

When did you start it?
On June 1, this year, which is also my birthday.

How much did you invest in it?
I invested Shs2m.

How much is this business worth?
Around Shs4m.

What exactly do you deal in at ILM?
We do promotions for artistes, direct their music, find them gigs, brand them, write music and direct their videos.

Which artistes are you managing at the moment?
We are managing Fille and next year, we are taking on a gospel artiste called Cooper Ssali from Rubaga Miracle Centre. We shall also be unveiling Strezz, who we got off streets, with the generous funding of Andrew Mwenda.

How much do you charge for Fille’s performance in Kampala and outside Kampala?
We charge Shs700,000 to Sh1m around Kampala and Shs1.5m outside Kampala, but depending on the region.

How have you benefited from ILM?
People have appreciated and loved Fille which is a good start. We are earning more through this company and, of course, I’m getting to know more and more people.

What challenges have you faced so far?
The industry is mean. People are so selfish.

Where are your premises located?
Doing this kind of business, you don’t necessarily need to have offices because you meet clients in cafés, coffee shops, bars, concerts and so on.

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