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Crackers’ Mic Check Amplified now on NTV


Did you watch NTV Uganda last night after the 9pm news? If yes, you surely know what we are talking about. If you didn’t, pay attention and let’s bring you up to speed.

Recently, the TV station signed a deal with Crackers comedy outfit. The deal will majorly see NTV pay for content to be provided by the comedians at their weekly comedy show at their Laftaz Lounge.

The TV show has been named Mic Check Amplified, as the Krackers Comedy Group, a break-away group from Crackers, led by Patrick Idringi aka Salvado also sold a similar show called Mic Check on NBS TV. The two groups Krackers and Crackers were one and were behind the Mic Check comedy show that showed on NTV until last year.

According to Crackers manager Jonathan Kyeyo, NTV will pay the comedy group up to $1100 (about 2.8m) for their content per episode. The Mic Check Amplified show will air every Thursday at 9.50pm. Good stuff NTV and Crackers.

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