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Kisementi based Fat Boyz bar, sold

Fat Boyz

First were rumours that popular city hangout Club Rouge was up for sale, in fact we once received rumours that the hangout proprietor Spear Abowe had sold off some shares to Heineken. However, Spear was fast to rubbish the rumours and swore that he hadn’t even had a thought close to selling his facility!

However, the rumour is still making rounds, but that will be a story for another day. The latest on our desk is that 50 per cent shares of one of Spear’s other establishments, Kisementi based Fat Boyz, that he co-owns with Ivan Kaganzi has been sold. According to close sources, Fat Boyz was taken over by a company identified as Grande Entertainment.

“We only sold part of the shares, and are still around to help the owners run the place,” Kaganzi told us. .

The bar was originally owned by an American national called Darren, who sold it to Spear Abowe and Ivan a few years ago.

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