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Iryn Namubiru mends fences with manager

Namubiru and her manager

Namubiru and her manager

We love Uganda because people forget so easily! It’s not even three months when singer Iryn Namubiru was all over regional news after she was arrested in Japan over alleged drug trafficking. Mass was held to pray for Namubiru and some sections of the public had started fundraising money “to help Namubiru secure bail in Japan.”

She was later acquitted and on her return, it was revealed that Namubiru’s manager Thadeus Mubiru had actually handed over the suitcase that was said to contain drugs to the singer on her way to Japan.
There was drama at the Interpol headquarters in Kololo as Namubiru swore before the press that she was done with her cousin and manager Thaddeus Mubiru.

In fact Namubiru announced that promoter Balam Barugahare under his agency would assume a new role as her manager.
But all that is already in the past. Mubiru has been making Facebook posts about new songs and new video shoots for Iryn Namubiru over the past weeks making us wonder whether he was still Namubiru’s manager or he was just a fan. And to erase any doubts of whether they are back together, he recently posted photos of him and the singer while at Audio One studios where Iryn recorded her new single titled Byansi.

Sources at the producer Paddy man-owned studios told us that it was not the first time Thadeus and Iryn turned up together for business at the studio. Thadeus has also accompanied the singer to several events.
Has Iryn and Thadeus forgotten so fast or is it music lovers that forgot? Will their reunion resurrect the question of Iryn’s drug saga having been just a publicity stunt?

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