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Fashion tip: Rompers



A casual way to look chic

The romper, that could be considered a shorter version of the jump-suit can be a sure way to look sexy, without being overly stated. They are very chic, and a sure way to cool off, especially on a very hot day. You need to be mindful though of how you choose to wear this item, majorly depending on your body type. The wrong romper type could make you come off looking like a two-year-old with a diaper butt.
The romper is strictly casual, and cannot at any one moment be worn to the office.

Reserve it for your days at the beach, or a boat cruise.
Ensure that the romper is not too tight. Let it be billowy, and maybe add a little waist belt, to make it tighter at the waist line. Be mindful of wearing a tight romper as it could make you come off looking like a circus entertainer. You also need to ensure that the bottom of the romper is long enough to cover your entire behind.

The other trick in rocking the romper is choosing the right accessories.  Aside from the waist belt, you could also decide to layer your romper with a denim jacket, or blazer. Other accessories include shrugs, fedoras, and shades. It would also be wise to tone down on the jewellery, like the earrings, and chains, because too many of these could make the look come off as overly done.
Rompers look best matched with wedges, although one could also try wearing the heels, ankle boots and strappy sandals.

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