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Wolves in sheep’s skin

I  love Sundays and most times they never disappoint when it comes to taking the perfect rest and indulging in the most popular plot- attending church.
Now on this beautiful Sabbath day, I set out to church and  managed to beat the time and secure a comfortable seat ahead of the service. However, it looks like I was not the only early bird. A group of babes, who seemed like they had camped in the church parking lot way before the church doors were even open, strolled in and hurriedly sat next to me.

Their shabby church dress code, coupled with the heavy alcohol stench was hard to ignore. Man, they made all my efforts to wear my head to toe “Sunday best” seem so unnecessary.

No sooner had they sat than one of them whispered to the other, “Gosh, I am so thirsty. I can’t wait for Holy Communion kuba this hangover is for world. I am certain by the time we are done here, custodian will have opened up, right? This babe needs to sleep.”

Then it dawned on me that this trio had come straight from the a Saturday night out to church as they had nowhere else to go after the custodian at their hall of residence had refused to open for them.
Aha! Just know, my would have been good time at church was interrupted by the trio’s kb about the night as they whispered their escapades to each other. The devil is indeed a liar!

Then, the other day, while at this ice-cream do with a group of people, I watched this “staunch savedee” mbu jazzing about his undying love for music by the Hillsong choir. However when Nicki Minaj’s Freaks played from a bar across, he quickly exclaimed, “Wow! I love Nicki Minaj. Wait… I mean, when I listen to secular music, I do Nicki, she is my girl, without a doubt.”

Ahem! Now these things of people leading double lives just do not amuse me at all. I mean, why does one have to push hard, trying to be what they may not always be? Distinguishing the music, lifestyle is like saying, “Okay, sometimes when I want to sin ko, I go the Nicki Minaj way, or can happen and do church as well-as if killing two birds with one stone.”
It is common knowledge that black can never mix with white and vice versa. So when I see certain people trying to lead a lifestyle that has two feet placed in two different lines, it leaves me wondering who they think they are trying to fool.

And unfortunately it is such a lot that has people abusing the faith from which they come from. I know that the church is a place for all of us sinners but does that mean we should abuse it at leisure when we know the underlying facts? Maybe if we made the effort to stick to the truth, according to one’s world view, it would help.

As opposed to hiding under the “I am born again but can compromise some things” curtain, like any situation might deem fit.
It just does not make sense at all.

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