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The DVD :Open season

Open season

Open season

If you love cartoons and animation, you don’t need to read this review. Just get the title and go find the DVD. Open Season is a tale about self-discovery that adds to the fact that east or west home is best. Boog, a bear has been domesticated and spends his time being an attraction amusing people with his dancing skills and little games. He finds nothing wrong with having a doll, feeding on chocolate and cookies. This is until he meets Elliot who makes him reveal his wild side and because of the mess they cause, the two are taken to the wilderness.

It is a hard life for Boog who can’t even get himself to have a short in the bush since he is used to using a toilet. The fact that he is a bear behaving like a human is amusing. Elliot does his best to orient him but keeps on failing. It is interesting to watch Boog discover more about being a bear.
What I like most about animations is the exaggeration. It makes the characters dramatic and silly. My favourites are Boog (Martin Lawrence) and Elliot (Ashton Kutcher). They are so cheeky. They are hilarious too. Boog is so huge and he loves to dance. Watching him dance is amusing. This is one you will enjoy watching, it will also help reduce your stress.

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