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These plotless people

Some ladies are too bold

Some ladies are too bold

Stepping out can always be a fun affair, especially when we get the basics right. I mean, we ensure that we are ready for almost everything, you know? However, it annoys me when I take one look at a group of people and they look like they are just doing things the opposite way.

Take an example of the following types of people.
The make-up beggars: Such culprits can mean to irritate every well equipped lady at a hangout. They tend to situate themselves in places that will make their begging plot easier. Say at the sink in the washrooms, the bar counter or anywhere near their prey. It does not matter if they know the person or not, they will quickly flash a ka grin and ask for anything from lip gloss, facial make-up, name it. Now my million dollar question is, if one knows that they will need any sort of make-up to complete their look, what on earth is wrong with purchasing some to serve that purpose when the need arises? Some people can be so annoying for real.

The timid dressers: They want to go with every trend whether it works for or against them. Unfortunately, upon reaching their destination, reality strikes and the outfit is either too revealing or just not a smart choice in the first place. Then they start to fish for compliments from fellow peers to even worsen the whole situation. For crying out loud, why buy an outfit that you might never be comfortable with?

The confused happeners: Now these ones want to go with the flow. They leave home with no idea of how the day is going to end. They leave work and fall into any plot. Then suddenly they realise they are too misplaced but pretend all is good. Such is the kind that can end up in club donning an oversized suit to the shock of many.

The bold peeps: For such a lot, anything goes. Any place can double as the house in every way, if you know what I am talking about. The other day, I was shocked by the sight of people hurriedly dressing up from the car to make it to a certain party. Others might walk into the washroom in one outfit but confidently step out in another as if this is supposed to be a normal occurrence. Ahem…! The world is slowly but surely losing it. Need I say more?

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