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The call

The call

With no fast cars like in Fast and Furious or men in sharp fitting suits like Takers, the movie The Call still manages to be utterly intriguing on a very simple plot. It is surprising. When it is quiet, you too will keep quiet, scream with the victim and tip toe with them at least in your mind. It is set at one of the emergency line operation centres “the hive”, which is a buzz of activity with operators picking one call after another. Everywhere you look, all you were hear is, “911, what is your emergency…”

It is while at this that Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) receives a call from a teenager reporting a house break-in by a man. Turner guides her on how to hide from him but while at it, the call is disconnected. Fearing for the worst, she calls back only for the sound of the phone ringing to attract the man’s attention back to the house. Turner doesn’t recover from this and becomes a trainer for 911 operators. And while taking interns around, she is forced to take a call of a kidnapped girl. When police fails to trace the girl and her kidnapper, Turner decides to trace the last call. Highly captivate, The Call like a friend says will literally keep you on your toes.

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